US, S Korea, Japan reaffirm N Korea’s denuclearisation obligation

The United States and its Asian allies have responded by increasing the visibility of their trilateral partnership in the region and strengthening their combined military exercises, which Kim condemns as invasion rehearsals…reports Asian Lite News The national security advisers of the United States, South Korea and Japan called Saturday for a stronger international push to suppress North Korea’s development of nuclear weapons and missiles, its cybertheft activities and alleged arms...

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Holiday Grooming Hacks

Maintaining a balanced diet is a year-round commitment. Once you’ve achieved your desired shape and body...

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Markets Soar on Ruling Party’s Election Wins, Nifty Touches 21K

The common theme was inclusive growth, a no-nonsense approach and good governance. On the economic front, there has been growth all around, a stable economy and policies and a control on inflation which has hit many western countries quite badly…reports Asian Lite News Markets are...

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Aster Medcity Elevates Neurocare with Top-tier Teams

Aster Medcity unveils advanced Neuropathology and Diagnostic Neuroradiology teams, a milestone in delivering state-of-the-art brain, spine, and nerve care…reports Asian Lite News Aster Medcity, a beacon of healthcare innovation, proudly introduces its fully-fledged Neuropathology and Diagnostic Neuroradiology teams, led by the esteemed Dr. Vani Santhosh...

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