Sonic boom rattles Washington

President Joe Biden, who was at the White House and also played golf Sunday, was briefed on the incident…reports Asian Lite News A sonic boom that echoed over Washington on Sunday was caused by two fighter jets scrambling to intercept an unresponsive aircraft that later crashed in rural Virginia. Residents of the city and its suburbs reported hearing the thundering noise, which rattled windows and shook walls for miles and...

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ZoomInfo slashes jobs

ZoomInfo said it “notified employees of a plan to flatten the organisational structure…reports Asian Lite News US-based marketing technology company ZoomInfo has said that it plans to lay off about 3 per cent of its workforce globally, joining several other technology companies that have cut...

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Healthy soups for hot summer days

These healthy soups are ideal for a summer lunch.  Simply prepare a large pot and offer your guests this delectable dish. SMOKY SALMOREJO Ingredients: Tomatoes White bread with crusts removed Grated garlilc Vinegar Olive oil Salt Thin sliced green grapes Chopped roasted almonds Method: Cut...

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