Indian-American Texas Democrat Racially Targeted

Patel said in a statement released earlier this week that as a county commissioner candidate, he is always open to criticism of my policy positions and stances on issues….reports Asian Lite News An Indian-American policy expert, who is running for Fort Bend County Commissioner in the US state of Texas, has said that he has been receiving hate-filled messages targeting his ethnicity, nationality, and faith on social media. Democrat Taral...

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FIRST PERSON: Sukhvinder Gill

The transition from derivatives trading to venture capital was quite an extraordinary journey for me. I thrived on the intraday volatility and the adrenaline rush that comes with trading; however, the strategic thinking and the long term vision required to build successful businesses as a...

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Quick and Healthy Late-Night Bite

Give your mundane carrots a makeover to make them into a tasty treat that everyone will enjoy. These carrot sticks can get more spicier, tastier, and more incredibly delicious. Your entryway to a delectable midnight snack…writes Olivia Sarkar As much as we want to sleep...

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