Trisha On The Rocks’ Delivers Charm and Laughter

Pratik Parmar’s cinematography captures the vibrant atmosphere of the film beautifully, enhancing the visual appeal of each scene…reports Asian Lite News

Krishnadev Yagnik’s ‘Trisha On The Rocks’ is a delightful romantic comedy that sparkles with charm and humour. Released in 2024 in both Gujarati and Hindi, this film captures the essence of love and laughter through its endearing characters and engaging storyline.

The plot revolves around Trisha (Janki Bodiwala), a lively and spirited young woman, and Vishal (Ravi Gohil), a laid-back and charming man. Their journey through the ups and downs of love is portrayed with authenticity and warmth, drawing viewers into their infectious chemistry and relatable dynamics.

Janki Bodiwala shines in her role as Trisha, infusing the character with energy and charisma that light up the screen. Her performance is matched by Ravi Gohil, who brings a natural and likeable presence to Vishal, creating a believable and enjoyable romantic pairing. Hiten Kumar, in a supporting role, adds depth and humour to the narrative, enhancing the overall ensemble with his memorable performance.

Krishnadev Yagnik’s direction is confident and skilful, blending humor with heartfelt moments seamlessly. The pacing of the film is well-maintained, ensuring that each scene contributes to the overall charm and emotional resonance of the story. Pratik Parmar’s cinematography captures the vibrant atmosphere of the film beautifully, enhancing the visual appeal of each scene.

The music in “Trisha On The Rocks” complements the tone of the film perfectly, adding emotional depth and enhancing key moments throughout the narrative. The soundtrack contributes to the overall feel-good atmosphere, making the viewing experience all the more enjoyable.

Overall, “Trisha On The Rocks” is a heartwarming and entertaining romantic comedy that stands out for its engaging performances and well-crafted storyline. It offers a perfect blend of comedy, romance, and heartfelt moments that leave a lasting impression. For fans of the genre looking for a feel-good movie experience, “Trisha On The Rocks” is highly recommended.

This film is a testament to the enduring appeal of love stories and the joy of laughter, making it a memorable addition to the romantic comedy genre.

Verdict – A refreshing modern story on the New Youth culture in Gujarat.

Movie: Trisha On The Rocks

Duration: 171 minutes

Director: Krishnadev Yagnik

Cast: Janki Bodiwala, Ravi Gohil and Hiten Kumar

Producers: Kalpesh K. Soni, Krunal Soni

Rating: ****

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