Crackling Crisps and Spiralled Delights

Venturing into a more intricate option, Bhakarwadi emerges as a packaged farsan capturing the essence of traditional Indian spices…writes Lalit Jhawar

As the festive season approaches and the desire for savory delights intensifies, turning to farsan remains a convenient and delightful choice. These scrumptious snacks provide an effortless way to indulge in the diverse and flavorful palette that characterizes traditional festive cuisine.

One sought-after choice during festive times is the classic Namkeen Mix. This assortment of savory treats encompasses various crunchy elements like sev, peanuts, and fried lentils. Infused with a blend of aromatic spices, it achieves the ideal harmony between saltiness and spiciness. The versatility of Namkeen Mix shines through, making it a perfect accompaniment for festive gatherings or a cozy evening at home.

For those inclined toward robust flavors, Masala Peanuts stand out as a preferred selection. Whether roasted or fried, these peanuts are generously coated with a flavorful medley of spices, including cumin, coriander, and chili powder. The outcome is a crunchy, spicy snack that adds a vibrant touch to the festivities, appealing to both children and adults alike.

Venturing into a more intricate option, Bhakarwadi emerges as a packaged farsan capturing the essence of traditional Indian spices. These spiral-shaped rolls consist of a mixture of gram flour and spices rolled into thin sheets, creating a delightful interplay of crunchiness and chewiness. Bhakarwadi’s distinctive flavor profile, featuring hints of sesame, poppy seeds, and a tangy tamarind filling, positions it as a standout choice for festive snacking.

For a lighter yet equally satisfying option, Khakhra deserves special acknowledgment. These thin, disc-shaped crackers, crafted from whole wheat flour and seasoned with various spices, showcase versatility. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with chutneys and dips, Khakhra’s crispiness and earthy flavors make it a delightful addition to the festive snack repertoire.

A classic and beloved member of the farsan family is the timeless Chakli. These spiral-shaped, deep-fried snacks are meticulously crafted from a blend of rice flour, gram flour, and an assortment of spices. The intricate design not only enhances visual appeal but also contributes to the perfect equilibrium of crispiness and chewiness. Chakli’s savory and mildly spiced taste positions it as a crowd-pleaser, ideal for sharing during festive gatherings. You can find varieties of savory snacks from Food Square, Bandra, Mumbai.

Farsan opens a realm of possibilities to satiate your festive cravings. Whether opting for the crunchy medley of Namkeen Mix, the bold flavors of Masala Peanuts, the intricate delights of Bhakarwadi, the versatility of Khakhra, or the timeless charm of Chakli, these ready-to-eat snacks bring the joy of festive snacking to your fingertips. At Food Square, we offer a wide range of farsan to cater to everyone’s taste, so delve into the diverse selection and let the festivities come alive with every delectable bite.

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