Mallika Sherawat Emphasizes Discipline in Fitness Journey

Mallika, who often shares workout videos of herself, said that genuine fitness cannot be bought…reports Asian Lite News

Actress Mallika Sherawat is a fitness enthusiast and said that exercise is not just a routine for her but a celebration of what her body can achieve.

Mallika, on Friday, shared a video of herself working out in the gym. In the clip, she is seen doing band workouts for her glutes, weighted lunges and core exercises using a ball.

For the caption, the actress wrote: “Exercise is not just a routine for me but a celebration of what my body can achieve. The real path to fitness requires discipline and dedication.”

Mallika, who often shares workout videos of herself, said that genuine fitness cannot be bought.

“The allure of an easy solution like these quick fixes and artificial procedures is tempting but genuine fitness can’t be bought. It must be earned through hard work and commitment,” she wrote.

Mallika is an ardent social media user as well. She often shares throwback pictures, clips and anecdotes from the films she has featured in.

Recently, she shared three images from her Hollywood 2010 horror drama film ‘Hisss’ directed by Jennifer Lynch. In the movie, Mallika played a shape-shifting serpent. Late star Irrfan Khan starred alongside the actress.

Talking about ‘Hisss’, Mallika wrote on Instagram that throughout her acting career, she has frequently faced ridicule and moral scrutiny for making bold choices on screen.

“I was always judged for stepping outside traditional boundaries. Moral police often frequently targets women criticising them for their clothing choices or for their behaviour which defies entrenched patriarchal norms that seek to regulate & control women’s bodies & behaviours,” she wrote.

The actress said that when she has taken on roles that challenge traditional views of feminity or roles that involve controversial themes, she discovered it is often “women who have voiced the loudest objections.”

“I feel the most beautiful woman in the world is a woman who protects & uplifts other women. Instead of judging each other for bold choices we should celebrate the courage it takes to break free from regressive traditional boundaries,” wrote the actress, who was last seen in the comedy drama ‘RK/RKay’.

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