Sonam Kapoor’s Cultural Crusade

Sonam uses her social media platform to champion Indian craftsmanship…reports Asian Lite News

Actress and fashionista Sonam Kapoor takes pride in representing the country’s rich heritage, history, and diversity on global platforms.

The actress said she tries to highlight the country’s heritage.

“If I had to represent India in one way or another, I would highlight the country’s diversity and resilience. The fact that we have such a strong cultural heritage and ancient civilisation means that whatever is made in India has great value,” she said.

Sonam said: “It is a multicultural place where people from many faiths live together in harmony, and representing that is of utmost importance.”

“Besides being the land of yoga and spiritualism, for which India is renowned in other parts of the world, it is also celebrated for its music and artisanal craftsmanship. It is the realm of jewellery and embroidery,” she added.

“Most notably, numerous haute couture and luxury houses have their clothing intricately embroidered in India.”

Sonam uses her social media platform to champion Indian craftsmanship.

The actress said: “When you have a platform, there is a responsibility to put your most authentic self forward; you must represent your truest self and not a facade. When you have the right moral values and worldviews, it is interesting to see how people appreciate that and attach themselves to it.”

In terms of acting, Sonam is gearing up for ‘Battle for Bittora’.

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