EU condemns Taliban over further curbs on Afghan women

Rights groups have called on the Taliban to reverse its recent decision to stop women from visiting public parks in Kabul…reports Asian Lite News

The European Union (EU) has condemned the additional restrictions by the Taliban on women’s freedom of movement, including the newly announced rules barring women from entering public parks and gyms.

“These restrictions come in addition to the already severe violations by the Taliban of the rights of Afghan women and girls – in contradiction to Taliban’s own initial promises. Afghan women and girls remain deprived of secondary education, face restrictions in their travel and movement, and are excluded from most aspects of public and economic life,” the 27-member bloc said in a statement on Monday.

The EU called on the Taliban to honour obligations under international law, in particular human rights, refugee and humanitarian law, and to ensure respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms of all the Afghan population.

Since the return of the Taliban to Kabul in August 2021, the Taliban’s systematic attacks on the rights of women and girls and the use of violence, including torture and enforced disappearances, have created a culture of fear in Afghan society.

In its latest order, the Taliban’s notorious Ministry of Virtue and Vice stopped women from attending parks in Kabul, TOLO news reported. According to the Afghan news agency, this restriction has been placed on women due to non-hijab observance.

Rights groups have called on the Taliban to reverse its recent decision to stop women from visiting public parks in Kabul.

“Afghanistan: The Taliban banning women from public parks in Kabul according to media reports is yet another blow to women’s rights in the country. Any such decision by the Taliban must be reversed immediately as women’s rights under the Taliban have been systematically under attack,” Amnesty said in a statement posted on Twitter.

With the Taliban back in power, women have been barred from exercising their basic rights such as freedom of movement, right to education and political participation.

In the statement, Amnesty said that the Taliban also decimated institutions designed to address cases of domestic violence against women under the former government.

“The Taliban have unlawfully arrested, detained and tortured women peaceful posters including several women activists arrested just days previously.”

Furthermore, the group asked the International Community to not turn a blind to the systematic suffering of women and their rights under Taliban rule. (ANI)

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