Pakistani dancer ‘ejected’ from UK mission for pro-Palestine slogan

Kermani said that she raised the slogan “Ceasefire Now” when the guests were making speeches and sending felicitations to Britain…reports Asian Lite News

The Pakistani classical dancer and founder of the cultural action group Tehrik-i-Niswan, Sheema Khermani was “ejected” from a programme held at the British Deputy High Commission after she raised pro-Palestine slogans in the event in Karachi, Dawn News reported on Saturday.

The Pakistan-based news daily, quoting Khermani, reported that the event was held to celebrate the birthday of King Charles III and the guest list included other artists, politicians, parliamentarians, bureaucrats and other officials.

Kermani said that she raised the slogan “Ceasefire Now” when the guests were making speeches and sending felicitations to Britain.

This prompted security personnel to come closer to her and try to force her out of their premises. “That’s when I asked them to not touch me as I would see myself out,” Kermani said after the regrettable incident.

“They were all congratulating the British Government and the royal family without any mention of the atrocities taking place in Gaza. I just had to do what I did. I couldn’t stay silent. Sadly, when the other guests saw me being thrown out and my leaving, none of them, not even one of them, decided to also take a stand and join me,” she added.

When contacted, a spokesperson for the British Deputy High Commission said that Kermani was shouting during “an important speech about climate change in Pakistan by the British Deputy High Commissioner”.

Dawn News reported that the spokesperson added that it was then that the “security personnel came forth to stop her from shouting. But then she left on her own. So it won’t be correct to say that we threw her out”.

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