US calls on Taliban to gain international legitimacy

Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid said they are committed to all pledges they made with the international community….reports Asian Lite News

The spokesman for the US State Department, Matthew Miller, said Washington would continue to call on the ‘Taliban’ to take steps to gain international legitimacy, TOLO News reported.

He made the remarks at a press conference in Washington, DC.

He said, “We continue to call on the Taliban to take steps to gain international legitimacy, to stop the crackdown on the legitimate expression by its own people, and that’s what we’ve done and what we’ll continue to do.”

He also responded to a question regarding the fate of Afghan allies who worked with the US but are still stranded in Afghanistan, saying: “We have been working very hard to accelerate those cases and work through the backlog, and we’ll continue to do so.”

Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid said they are committed to all pledges they made with the international community.

“The Islamic Emirate… is committed to the rights of the people and also international laws. It has fulfilled the promises for recognition of the country. Unfortunately, some countries are bringing up their political and personal wishes under various pretexts,” he said, as reported by TOLO News.

Weighing in on the matter, political analyst Saleem Paigeer said, “The Islamic Emirate… should take concrete steps so that the international community recognizes us. We should put aside our ego and act in a way to draw in the international community.”

The Taliban-appointed deputy prime minister for political affairs earlier said the Islamic Emirate will not compromise Islam or the rights of people for international recognition.

Recently, two persons accused of having “extramarital relations” were lashed 35 times in Kabul province, Khaama Press reported, citing a Taliban court statement.

The court confirmed the harsh penalty on Thursday, February 1, stating that each individual received 35 lashes and a six-month prison sentence from the primary court.

The statement issued by the Supreme Court of the Taliban did not specify whether the accused were publicly lashed for extramarital relations or not. Nonetheless, this development underscores the regime’s commitment to enforcing strict punishment measures since reclaiming control over Afghanistan, according to The Khaama Press

The recurrent public lashings under the Taliban regime have sparked international concern regarding human rights and legal standards. These actions reflect the continued imposition of rigorous interpretations of Islamic law by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Since the Taliban has implemented oppressive policies, particularly affecting women who are confined to their homes and barred from accessing education and employment opportunities. Such measures have worsened the already severe humanitarian crisis in the nation as per The Khaama Press.

The return of refugees from neighbouring countries, amid harsh winter conditions and a shortage of funding, has further compounded the dire situation in Afghanistan. The uncertainty surrounding the country’s prospects adds to the gravity of the humanitarian plight faced by its population.

The restrictive measures imposed by the Taliban have disproportionately impacted women, deepening the humanitarian crisis and prompting concerns about the well-being and future of Afghan citizens.

The recent announcement from the Taliban’s court regarding the punishment of individuals for “extramarital relations” underscores the regime’s commitment to enforcing strict Islamic law. However, these actions have raised international concerns about human rights violations and the worsening humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, particularly affecting women and refugees. The situation remains precarious, with the Afghan population facing uncertainty amidst ongoing political and social upheaval. (ANI)

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