SIBF 2023: Poetic Minds Unite Against AI’s Creative Limitations

Hoshang Osi, a prize-winning Syrian-Kurdish poet and novelist, likened AI to beauty laboratories in cosmetics, envisioning its potential sophistication in the future but avoiding predictions about its nature in 2050….reports Asian Lite News

In a thought-provoking discussion on “Verses in the Digital Age” at the 42nd Sharjah International Book Fair, poets Shelby Leigh from the USA and Hoshang Osi from Syria emphasized the irreplaceable role of human creativity and emotions, asserting that artificial intelligence (AI) and ChatGPT cannot replicate these essential elements.

Moderated by Emirati TV presenter Alya Al Mansoori, the session delved into the evolving trends of poetry on social media platforms and explored the increasing attraction of readers to connect with poets online.

Hoshang Osi, a Syrian-Kurdish poet and award-winning novelist, drew a parallel between AI and beauty laboratories in cosmetics, describing AI as potentially sophisticated in the future but refraining from making predictions about its nature in 2050. He likened poetry to a free-flowing river on social media, an open space that adapts to the poet’s situation or location, defying easy definition unlike prose and drama.

Reflecting on the language in his works, Osi noted that his literature mirrored the linguistic qualities of the language he wrote in, aiming for an easy and authentic connection with the reader.

Shelby Leigh, a poet and mental health advocate with over seven years of online writing experience, shared her journey of initially writing anonymously about mental health issues such as anxiety from her own experiences and emotions. Leigh, who now hosts a virtual poetic community and assists aspiring writers in getting their works published, emphasized that AI, while a supportive tool, cannot replace the depth of her emotions and creativity. She highlighted the joy of connecting with people on social media but emphasized the unique human element that AI lacks.

Both poets delighted poetry enthusiasts by reading excerpts from their poems during the engaging session.

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