Hundreds rescued from flash flooding

The civil authorities along with the help of UAE military have evacuated 879 people from flooded areas to safer locations…reports Asian Lite News

Heavy rain lashed the northern and eastern regions of the UAE on Thursday as emergency teams and volunteers intensified efforts to rescue the resident affected from the flooding.

The national action teams are exerting all possible efforts to protect everyone in areas affected by the current weather conditions, National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA) announced. The defence ministry’s Loyal Hands rescue operation is already underway.

The authorities have evacuated 879 people from flooded areas to safer locations. As many as 827 hotel rooms were arranged to accommodate 1,885 people.

Dr. Taher Al Ameri, Spokesperson for NCEMA, assured the public that all national teams are exerting all possible efforts to protect citizens and residents, especially in affected areas.

As part of the country’s emergency and crisis management system, all relevant authorities have taken proactive measures to prepare for the weather, he added, noting that these authorities and the public have been warned.

NCEMA is coordinating with relevant authorities to provide water drawing tanks to withdraw water in affected areas, and is closely monitoring the weather situation and ensuring the readiness of all plans and strategies through the authority’s centres around the country, he further added, stressing that monitoring processes are continuing day and night to prevent potential risks and ensure the community’s safety.

Ministry of Community Development has coordinated with over 20 hotels to provide 827 housing units to over 1,885 people nationwide and has provided buses and other means of transportation in the affected areas to help transport families, he added, affirming that 56 buses are ready in case of any developments that could require their use.

The ministry is managing several registered volunteers under the national volunteering platform, who are working in three key areas.

Al Ameri stressed the importance of getting information from official sources to avoid rumours and to follow the instructions of relevant authorities.

Dr. Mohammed Al Abri, Spokesperson for the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) said that the country witnessed an extension of an upper and surface air depression from northern India through southern Pakistan, coinciding with the movement of the orbital convergence line towards the north of the Arabian Gulf, which affected the flow of clouds from the Sea of Oman towards the UAE, interspersed with cumulus rain clouds accompanied by lightning and thunder sometimes.

Current Situation

Al Abri said that the current weather involves a low air extension coming over the west of the country, accompanied by southeast winds and rain clouds over some eastern and western regions, most notably over the sea. The highest amount of rain recorded during this period was 234.9 mm in the Port of Fujairah, the highest recorded in July over the past 30 years.

He also expects the low air extension to continue in the west of the country that will weaken at night.

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